dWallet Labs is building trustless access control solutions on top of the Odsy Network

We're in good company

dWallet Labs Partners

We are a cybersecurity company specializing in blockchain technology.

We believe that the future of Web3 relies on cutting edge cryptography and unabated security.

We invest in research and development at the forefront of modern cryptography to solve Web3's most important problems.

What we do

Decades of experience in cybersecurity, cryptography and technology.


With the top talent in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity, dWallet Labs makes sure the future of Web3 is more secure than ever.


dWallet Labs is developing solutions on top of the Odsy Network, and partnered with the Odsy Foundation to further develop the Odsy Network.


dWallet Labs implements cutting edge cryptography available today, while pioneering ground-breaking research to solve the problems of tomorrow.

dWallet Labs Leadership

Cybersecurity and tech veterans

Omer Sadika
Yehonatan Cohen Scaly
David Lachmish

dWallet Labs is a proud partner of the Odsy Foundation

Odsy Network
dWallet Labs

Read the Odsy Litepaper to learn about the Odsy Network and dWallets

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